Sixers even their seris with the Celtics 1-1

“We like playing against Boston. We think we match up well against them.” PG Jrue Holiday

The Philadelphia 76er’s used  thier final nine possessions to score 17 points leaving the Celtics scrambling to come back as they did in game one, but the Sixers held them at bay for the one point 82-81 victory.

“Our young guys keep growing,” Philly coach Doug Collins said post game, “and they’re really becoming men.”

For Celtics head man Doc Rivers,  the fact that the team took three quarters off (with the exception of the first 9 points in the game scored by the Celtics) for the game plan to actually materialize on the floor left him disappointed.

“I don’t like the fact that we took, to me, almost three quarters to play the right way, offensively,’’ Celtics coach Doc Rivers said postgame. “Listen, we knew the blueprint before the game. It took us three quarters to get into it.’’

The Celtics had a chance to win the game as they went on to score 32 points in the 4th but down by one point with 1:44 left, they allowed Holiday to dribble the ball until Ray Allen finally fouled him with 14.4 seconds remaining.

“My thinking was it’d be a four-second differential,’’ Rivers said. “There’s no guarantee you’re going to get the rebound – by the time you got the rebound it’s probably three seconds. And then they have a foul to give, so they foul and now you’re down to two seconds. That’s a tough way to score. So, you know, I was hoping we could foul – I wanted to foul two seconds earlier than that, but we didn’t.’’

Be sure to catch Game Three Wednesday at 7 p.m. Eastern time.

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