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With the signing of superstar power forward Elton Brand in the offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers look to regain their former glory and winning ways in this 2008-2009 season. Defense-minded point guard Royal Ivey and three point shooter Kareem Rush were also acquired in the off season to join a talented team of athletes on the Sixers such as Andre Iguodala, Andre Miller, and Samuel Dalembert. With this revamped line-up including the addition of Brand’s post talents, the 76ers will definitely be the team to beat in the East this season. Tickets are selling fast to fans wondering if the new answer to the Sixers’ recent struggles is named Elton Brand.

The oldest franchise in the NBA, the Philadelphia 76ers, started their franchise history in 1946, although under a different name and city, as the Syracuse Nationals. Joining the NBA in 1949 as part of a merger with the Basketball Association of America, of which the 76ers were a part, the Nationals moved to Philadelphia in 1963 to reach a higher fan base and fill the void left in Philadelphia after the Warriors moved to San Francisco. The Philadelphia 76ers have had the ability to utilize some of the best basketball players ever to play the game including twelve Hall of Famers such as centers Moses Malone and Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain as well as forwards Charles Barkley and Julius "Dr J" Erving. The list of franchise successes for the 76ers is innumerable except to say that the Sixers have made 30 playoff appearances and won eight division titles, five conference titles, and two NBA Championships in six trips to the NBA Finals. Named the best team in NBA history at the 35th anniversary of the league, the 1966-67 76ers led by Chamberlain went on to a 68-13 record (league best at the time) and an NBA Championship, winning against their rivals, the Boston Celtics, who’s reign was ended in the same feat. Despite starting their illustrious franchise in a small building with a wooden court in 1946, the Philadelphia 76ers currently play at the big, beautiful Wachovia Center, where they have played to sell-out ticket crowds since 1996.

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